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Tilray Medical introduces “WeCare” a cannabis education platform throughout Europe

WeCare-MedicalCannabis’ In English, German, French, and Portuguese, a Vast Resource for Medical Cannabis Education is Now Available.

Tilray Brands, a leading global cannabis lifestyle and CPG company that inspires and empowers the global community to live their best lives, announced today that its medical cannabis division, Tilray Medical, launched a new cannabis education platform, WeCare-MedicalCannabis, aimed at supplying resources and educating healthcare professionals and patients about medical cannabis.

To support healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients in making educated decisions about medicinal cannabis and to guide them on their journey to learning how medicinal cannabis can support daily wellness and health, WeCare-MedicalCannabis offers science- and research-based cannabis content that is specifically geared toward these groups of people. WeCare-MedicalCannabis is now accessible in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and also import medical cannabis to Portugal. It was created to act as a one-stop, comprehensive resource on medical cannabis insights.

“As global pioneers in medical cannabis, we are aware of the shortage of access to science-based, medical cannabis education,” stated Sascha Mielcarek, managing director of Tilray Europe. To close this knowledge gap and give patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals the resources they need to make educated decisions about medicinal cannabis, WeCare-MedicalCannabis was founded.

Tilray Medicinal is committed to assisting in the provision of knowledgeable and reliable assistance for people interested in learning more about medical cannabis as cannabis legalization spreads throughout Europe.

As the medical landscape changes and those who are at the forefront of global health initiatives continue to be impacted, Tilray Medical continues to collaborate with top patient organizations and medical societies. Tilray Medical keeps its world of wellbeing open and expanding by granting access to educational platforms like WeCare-MedicalCannabis.

For more information about We-Care by Tilray visit: https://wecare-medicalcannabis.com/hcps


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